Elgin Adventist Church

Making and Preparing Disciples

Progress, Develop and Experience a Spiritual Life


Spiritual growth is the path to experiencing  restoration, reconciliation, reconstruction of our relationships between the Creator and His creation. The process of fulfilling these steps will increase and enhance our faith as we embrace a personal relationship with our Savior. It will also align our thoughts and minds with His. For us to experience our Creator’s character requires a solid understanding  of who He is.

In order for us to understand His character correctly, studying the Bible and exercising our faith by praying earnestly is the keys to growing spiritually. Once we understand His will, His word, and His plan for us, we will, over time, develop a  character that resembles our own creator’s character. The creator’s character of loving, caring, forgiving, long suffering and patience will dwell in us.

How do we know if we are spiritually growing?
It is a gradual process that doesn't happen immediately but over time. Achieving peace of mind, a humble heart and a desire to study the Bible and praying earnestly are examples of spiritual growth. Personally connecting with the Lord and that produces an outward expression of love, bearing fruit, is evidence of transformation.