Elgin Adventist Church

Making and Preparing Disciples

Building Spirituality Early - Joining the Pathfinder Club for youth

Producing Godly Youth

The Pathfinder Ministry is an part of the Pathfinder organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, dedicated to meeting the social, physical, mental, and spiritual developmental needs of junior and teen youth by challenging the Pathfinder to experience a personal relationship with Christ, having a sense of achievement and responsibility, and developing respect for God’s creation including his fellowman.”

Working towards developing Youth who stay in church

Pathfinder Ministries seeks to meet the Pathfinder’s present and unfolding needs, to the end that we bring them to self-fulfillment and maturity in Christian faith, characterized by their decision to:

– Accept Jesus Christ as a personal Savior and Lord
– Reflect internalized Christian values through mature decision-making and behavior
– Exhibit the righteousness, true holiness, and fullness of the stature of Christ
– Demonstrate leadership skills, enabled and empowered to become full partners in active, selfless service supporting the mission of the church

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