What does the Bible say

Spring Growth
Spring has definitely sprung, along with plant-life activity...
The Ticket
His lights flashed. My heart fell. Another ticket. Another...
After the Storm
I had awakened that morning to the cacophony of birds. As I...

Sunset Schedule
For: Elgin, IL

Welcome to Elgin Adventist Church!

Browse through our site to learn more about our ministries and beliefs, to listen to sermons or request a prayer for yourself or your friends.

If you are searching for a Bible-based, Christ-centered and life-transforming church, you found it!
Come visit us and see how fast you can fit into a spiritual family of like-minded Christians. We come together for an inspiring time of worship and we study the Word of God that helps us grow in faith and hope of the second coming of Jesus Christ, our Savior.      

Join us as we gather together to pray for life challenges and witness the power of God at work. We invite you to stay with us after each worship service for fellowship and a healthy dinner together.
I look forward to meeting you,

Gabriel Bardan, Pastor

All About Family

Cooling Conflict
A husband makes a cutting remark to his wife. She fires back a...
Where I See God
A gorgeous buffet greeted me as I entered the familiar dining...
Good for a Laugh
One gloomy day, years ago, my husband and I headed out in the...

There Is Hope

Choosing Love
I dreaded going to my first class of the day, and it wasn’t...
Big Nose
Her nose and lips were swollen up like a balloon. She just lay...
Who Is Jesus?
Can you prove that He is God's son? This is far more than a...