Our Prayer Theme: A Living Sanctuary - During the Ten Days of Prayer 2017, we will take a trip into the sanctuary and try to see what lessons we can learn from it. The subject of the sanctuary should be carefully studied, as it is one of the foundation stones of our faith and hope. It shows us the work that Christ is doing for us. It reveals to us His character. It also tells us what Christ expects from us and how we should live on earth. It reminds us that we should live with a view of eternity and that we cannot do anything in our own power. It is only because of Christ and His sacrifice that our sins can be forgiven and His righteousness given to us.

Call in to join the Prayer each night at 8:00pm CT (Jan 11-21)

1. Dial 888-844-9901
2. When prompted, enter the meeting access code: 4269332#

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